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Technical information

These introductory pages display best in the Gentium font.
To download the free Gentium Unicode font, please follow this link.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1a. Why can't I see all the characters in the transcription?
1b. Why do some characters appear as little boxes?
1c. Why are accented characters larger than non-accented characters?

    These problems seem to be peculiar to Windows operating systems running Internet Explorer, and are because the page does not display in a Unicode font which handles the combining characters.
    To rectify it in IE7, click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options. At the bottom of the first page (the "General" tab), click on the Fonts button. This should bring up a dialogue box with "webpage font" on the left and "plain text font" on the right. In the Webpage font box, scroll down and select a Unicode font (e.g. Arial Unicode, Gentium, Lucida Sans Unicode, Palatino Linotype). Click OK twice and re-load the page. The new font should ensure that all characters appear correctly.

2. I enter the page number in the box, but it takes me to a page of the same number in a different manuscript.

    This is a bug on which we are working. To get round it, navigate using the hyperlinks to the previous and next five pages. You should also find that if you select "Chapter View" and then go back to "Page View", you will be taken to the page on which that chapter begins.

Did this solve your problem? If not, or if you have any comments or additional information, please let us know.

For details of the transcription conventions, please click here.

For information about the history of this electronic edition, please click here.

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