The synopsis view can be used to link to full transcriptions of individual witnesses. It should be noted that the transcriptions of VL3 and VL14 may take several minutes to load because of the amount of supplied text.

To view the transcripts correctly, your browser will need to be enabled for Unicode. If you have any technical problems, visit the page of frequently-asked questions to check for a solution.

Please report any queries or suggestions by using the feedback page. We would also be grateful if you would let us know if you suspect that there is an error in our transcriptions, in order that we can correct this: please let us know on the error report form.


Readable text is presented in black: normal text
Rubricated text is presented in red: rubricated text
Dubious characters are presented in dark grey: dubious characters
Reconstructed text, where supplied, is presented in italic and light grey: reconstructed text
Text reconstructed by a particular editor is sometimes presented in a different format (see manuscript description for details): e.g. text reconstructed by Amelli, [conjecture by Gasquet]
Where the text cannot be indicated with any degree of certainty, the approximate number of missing characters is indicated, e.g. 18-20.
Chapter numbers and titles are printed in purple: ii
Ammonian sections (where recorded) are printed in green: cxuii
Abbreviations for 'est' (÷), 'enim' (⧺), 'autem' (ƕ), 'eius' (ə) and 'et' (& or ₇) are included in some manuscripts. Digraphs (where two letters are written as a single character) are indicated by a slur over the two characters, e.g. dixerun͡t
Where a footnote is present in the transcription, it is indicated by Note. Hover the mouse pointer over this, and the note will appear in a box.

Corrections in the lineated transcription appear as follows: {first hand/correction}. Hover the mouse pointer over this, and details of the corrector hands will appear in a box.

To access the edition (in a new window), please click on the link below. Please note that it may take a few moments for the apparatus to load initially:

Vetus Latina Iohannes Electronic Edition 2.0

The current edition is version 2.0
For more information on versions and history, please click here.
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